"We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves." 
James Joyce


Dear Cynthia,

So sorry that I have been MIA! I am aware that my struggle to put words on paper leaves an impact on you and this blog. It is not my intent to leave you alone here. Your writing is so beautiful and profound! I am sorry.

Today, I traveled to Portland on the eve of something sacred, scary, and beautiful. God is a wild one! That I know for certain. SHE leads me in ways and to places I never imagined going. As I talked to a friend about this journey, she said to me, “Can you imagine doing this three years ago?” Nope sure can't! But, God beckons and woos, calling me “deeper in and further up.” (That is a phrase I learned from you this summer in Ireland. I loved how you called us deeper in and further up the mountain.)

Since January, I have been studying the book, Wild Feminine, by Tami Lynn Kent.  It is a book that has woven together my three worlds of trauma, Spirit, and body. Literally, it has blown me away, brought me to tears, and energized me deeply. Consider these few excerpts:

“Each feminine loss is registered in the root of the female body, and to the body a woman must return in order to retrieve the full expression of her own wild feminine.”

“Working with the female body has shown me that unacknowledged grief never goes away; it simply becomes buried. If a woman deines and buries her bodily grief, she may never walk that region of herself again.”

Her ability to name the Sacred Feminine, impact of trauma, and our feminine spirit is amazing. The impact of her writing on me has been profound as I connect to myself and my body. The pull to stay disconnected from our pelvic bowl is profound at every turn. And yet, this is the place that holds our stories, creativity, generativity.... I have done a lot of work on my story and some work on what my body holds, but this is taking it to a new level. The body remembers, down to the very fibers of our being, what we have lived through. We hold the impact of trauma (no matter what kind) and we hold generational patterns as well. As I have tended to my story over the years, I have not always tended to my body.

So tomorrow, I will go to see this author and healer. I have no idea what is in store and what will come from it. But it has been so clear to me that this is the next step of “deeper in and further up.”

Cheers to the wild feminine in each of us!