"We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves." 
James Joyce
Response to WILD

Response to WILD

Dear Laura Wade,

Your letter came as I was exiting the hospital from some mysterious colon issue. Before I received your letter, I realized that I had no idea where my colon was or what it actually did. So, I researched and read and looked at pictures and wrote an “Ode to Colon” which helped me to be grateful to God for creating such an amazing body. The Ode also helped me to grieve and celebrate and appreciate this aging and tired body that has been so good to me.

Thank you for entering the wild places and following your heart after reading Wild Feminine. And thank you for inviting us into your adventure. I have loved getting to know the exquisite women of your world through reading the book together and being curious about a very vulnerable piece of all of our histories and present lives.

And I’m not sure how I feel about this journey, but I’m all in…  and decided to keep going with the “Odes”.

“Ode to Pelvic Bowl”
Be still and hear…
Be still and feel…
Be still and see…

Dear Sweet Pelvic Bowl,
Invisible space,
Non-existent for me until a few weeks ago and yet…
You mighty one,
Quiet and unassuming.
Doing your work
Holding so much
Without gratitude or recognition
Thank you for not leaving me as I have left you.
Thank you for absorbing stress, tension, shame,
For holding life force/blood
For waiting every month,
Open to holding life.
Thank you for emptying, cleansing, cycling.

 Thank you for growing,
So mysteriously
And without thanks or appreciation,
My daughters:
Growing life quietly, unassuming.
All that complexity.
Multiplying cells,
Assigning DNA,
Nourishing them.
Then contracting,
Emptying yourself,
Giving life.
I mean, who else can do that kind of “magic”? 

I want you to be more than a birthing space,
Sexual space veiled in shame.

 I want you to be free
For the world,
For me

 To see and know your power,
Your brilliance
Your “magic”
Your place
In bringing meaning and life.

 Be still and watch you take a bow,
Grow your fruit
Be still and listen to your humble wisdom
Be still and feel the earth shake at your unveiling.

Returning Wild

Returning Wild